I'm still on the fence of getting the iPhone 4s

I preordered the iPhone 4 last year and loved it. I am still currently using that phone, but I feel like I really want to get a white 4s. There isn't that many changes when it comes to software, but the hardware is a huge leap. 

First there is the new camera which has been said to be the best camera on a mobile phone. I take many pictures on my phone it is currently my primary camera. So I believe it would benifit me. 

Second the new antenna with hspa+ speeds on AT&T, it will be faster when it comes to Internet speeds and also I can get a stronger signal. 

Third the A5 processor with the boost in speed there will be no lag at all, the 4 is already very smooth on iOS 5 but hey there is always room for improvement. I am also a gamer on my iOS device. I use game center and play the more graphics heavy games. The performance will be even smoother on the 4s. 

Then there is Siri, I have dreamed of a thing like siri where I can tell my phone to do things and my phone would actually know me and understand what I mean. 

Mall of these and more are reasons why I would want the 4s. 

The only cons are that it looks the same but where it differs is software when apps start to take advantage of the processing power, the new apps will be leaps and bounds ahead of the old ones. 

After writing this I strangely feel like getting the 4s would be more justified.