Is the Vergecast Prof Xavier or Wolverine

I just have to say as a long time listener of the vergecast, I actually got to a point with the last one where I just turned it off (and I have never done this before).  There just seems to be a trend going where within the last hour (of the two hour podcast), there is only like one or two topics even discussed.  The more I learn this, the less time I commit to listening to this last hour given the minimal amount of tech items discussed.  I do like the banter and the weird tangents (e.g., X-men to smartphone manufacturer metaphors), but it would be nice to get discussion going that is slightly more structured.  

It is also arguable that the alcohol is making the weird tangents even more insane.  I'm not against drinking or really trying to make much of a point at all, just giving some feedback.  All in all, I just want the Vergecast to start acting a little more structured like Professor X and a little less sporadic like Wolverine.

Rock and roll.