In response to concerns about soldiers using their own smartphones on unsecured commercial networks, the US Army tested Android, iOS, and Windows Phone devices for military use earlier this year. Michael McCarthy, the director of the project, recently told Nextgov that he expects Android will be certified for use on unclassified Defense networks by the end of the year and secret NSA networks by April 2012. In contrast, approval for the use of iOS on unclassified networks is nine months to a year away, and it's not clear when it will be certified for secure networks. The Army is also testing portable cell phone towers that are designed to connect to its satellites and radio networks while in the field. It sounds like one of the most bureaucratic organizations in the world is taking the smartphone revolution seriously; the only thing we're missing is Siri control of drones.

Photo Credit: Lt. Col. Deanna Bague, Fort Bliss Public Affairs Office