QNX: The OS Underdog

A few weeks ago I purchased the Blackberry Playbook. My friends, whom are nerds like myself, decided to poke fun at my decision. I waited since the original iPad to let the tablet market settle and work itself out before I made a decision. I ended up choosing the Playbook and my friends found it hysterical that I choose the tablet that NOBODY wanted. 

I've been using the Playbook (my first RIM device) for about two weeks now. Coming from Android (I have the first and second Galaxy S), I can say that I'm pleasantly surprised by how well QNX runs on the device. I use it everyday, mostly using web clients and intense flash applications. In two weeks, I haven't had a system crash - not even a single application closure or freeze. 

In mid 2009, I was using the original Palm Pre as my primary phone. WebOS was simply amazing at the time, mainly because it blew iOS out of the water in terms of design. Unfortunately, they only put WebOS on child toys; a trend HP decided to continue.

In my opinion, QNX is a great successor to WebOS. It's fast on decent hardware and it feels more polished than WebOS was. While it doesn't pull in content from various services as well as WebOS or Android ever have, it does shine brightly with its web browser. Flash works amazing on the Playbook. In real world use, the QNX runs Flash as smoothly as my desktop (Intel Core i7). Perhaps that's due to decent internals, though.

Overall, I've been fairly surprised by how well QNX, and the Playbook in general, are performing. It's sad that RIM couldn't have put QNX on a 10" slate, but perhaps that day will come. When that day arrives, I'll be in line to pick one up.