What's on your Black Friday wishlist?

Hey Verge-ins,

I was just curious about what everyone had on their mind for the upcoming Black Friday/Cyber Monday madness. I know I'm looking forward to the deals a lot, but what about the rest of you? (I usually use BFAds.net for this magical time of the year.)

You don't really have to talk about specific deals at stores or sites, just a general list of what you're hoping to buy.

Here's mine:

  • New Laptop - Anything decent at 15.6" size. There's a couple of Lenovos and Samsungs on sale that caught me eye that are going for less than $500.
  • Car Stereo - My 02 Mustang's crummy stock system finally crapped out on me, so I'm planning to pick up the $40 JVC single-DIN that Best Buy is going to sell.
  • Cheap Blu-Rays! - I've loved Black Friday for expanding my DVD collection in the past, so now that I have a Blu-Ray player I'm gong to go apesh*t and buy a bunch.
  • Cheap Games! - Ditto for the games. Especially going after Modern Warfare 3 for PS3 (like everybody else in the world lol).

So what's on your wish list? And what good deals have you spotted so far?