Your Favorite Photo/Video Apps for iPhone

There is not doubt that the iPhone 4S is the best mobile "camera" out there, even Annie Leibovitz said it her self! 

Some of the obvious reasons for that are, 1. "It's always with you"  2. "It's always connected", but the most important one is 3. "The apps". 

The apps really make the iPhone be the best mobile camera out there, so here are some of my favorite apps for taking, editing, sharing and discovering photos and videos on the iPhone.

CAMERA APPS                VIDEO APPS                 PANORAMA APPS         

1. Camera+                      1. FiLMic Pro                 1. Photosynth                   

2. ProCamera                  2. 8mm VVC                  2. 360 Panorama           

3. Camera Genius          3. Camcorder Pro        3. Pano                             

Sharing/Discovering      Photo Editing               Video Editing

1. Instagram                    1. PictureShow             1. CinemaFXV

2. Flickr                             2. Iris PS                        2. iMovie

3. Viddy                             3. Photogene2              3. Vimeo

    OTHER                             Top  6 Must Have Photo/Video

 1. Pro HDR                           1. Camera+        4. Photosynth 

 2. Phoster                             2. Pro HDR         5. FiLMic Pro

 3. Hipstamatic                      3. Instagram       6. 8mm VVC


Now it's your turn!  Which are your favorites?  And which are your must haves?