While other robots are climbing walls, taking care of old people, or getting ready to go into battle, the Korean Institute of Science and Technology's Kibo just wants to be friends. The latest version 2.0 is an upgrade from the previous Kibo and Kibo 1.2 robots, which were designed to emotionally connect with humans. All three bipedal machines detect their objects of affection with sonar and cameras in the floor and ceiling, so they're confined to spaces specifically designed for them. Within that space, they can follow your voice, find your face, and mimic your expressions, or make their own with moving facial features, cartoonish enough to keep a safe distance from the uncanny valley. Kibo 2.0's new 4-foot tall 106-pound body is significantly bigger and better than the previous models at shaking hands, delivering gifts, and giving hugs. You can watch Kibo give flowers and then refuse a handshake during the opening ceremony of Robot World 2011 in Korea below.