New-school microblogging is getting an old-school twist with Tweephone, an "analog" Twitter client that uses a rotary dial phone to send out your 140-character missives. Conceived of by Nastasia Pustova of the Up Digital Bureau, the Arduino-based prototype was built by Unteleported's Dmitry Krasnoukhov using an old phone donated by a friend's grandmother. While a clever steampunk-esque hack, Tweephone won't win any points for ease of use: letters are dialed in on a small LCD display the same way you send texts on a featurephone, triggering a given number multiple times to cycle through the three letters associated with it. Hanging up the phone shoots your message off. The Tweephone currently uses a USB-connected computer to read the input and post to the web, but if you want to take things further, Krasnoukhov has made the entire project code available on GitHub. Check out the video below to see the rotary tweeting in action.