What email platform/client do you guys use?

I remember getting my first email address a long time ago, and I felt so connected to the world. Little did I know that would only be one of my many email addresses, a Hotmail account that I loved to death. Soon after that, I moved on to Yahoo, and eventually my (current) favorite, Gmail. I have many email accounts with each service. I can even say I actually celebrated my 10,000th email (in my main Gmail account, my spam accounts don't count :P). I check my email more than I text, and that's saying a lot?

I didn't only use web-based email, though. I also used Thunderbird, Outlook, and many other native clients on my PC. When I got my iPod touch, I started using the Mail app more than anything else with my beloved Gmail. And when I traded up to my iPad, the same is (mostly) true, though with the recent Gmail re-designs, I've started migrating back to the web interface on my PC. And I also started using my Yahoo again because of the amazing web interface on the iPad. 

What about all of you guys? What email service(s) do you use? Do you use web-based email or native clients? How much do you use email? Just curious and hoping to find someone else who is as crazy about email as I am. :P