8 Bit Era

Any old people here?

Any of you own computers from the the 8-bit era of computing...  the 1980's?

It was sort of a golden era with quite a variety of machines, and towards the end it got quite mature.  The time when the Z80 chip was king.  And then IBM came along a killed it all.

My first computer was a TRS-80.  Black and white, chunky block graphics.  But a dream to program.  Every computer in those days would dump you directly on a commandline, ready for you to write MS-BASIC code, with lots of PEEKing and POKEing,  which you would then carefully save onto cassette tape at 1200 baud.

I went on to own a Sega computer... I forget the model number... and finally an Apple II.

So what did you own as a kid?  Comodore PET, Vic 20, or 64?

A Sinclair ZX-80?

Some Japanese MSX machine?