It looks like November is more than just ultrabook and Transformer Prime month for Asus — unconfirmed reports of a new 11.6-inch Asus laptop running Intel's Sandy Bridge chipset are cropping up in Notebook Review's forum. Member frychiko revealed a detailed list of specs and promo photos of a notebook bearing the model number U24E, and if these specs are to be believed, the U24E will pack a Core i5-2430M with Intel's HD 3000 graphics, a 750GB HDD, HDMI output, and nearly seven hours of battery life. 

While Asus' website does not have any solid information, specs, or release date, a search does reveal a generic support page for a notebook with the U24E model number; details on the page are minimal, but it could be a placeholder to go live when the notebook is announced. According to the forum report, this notebook is supposed to be launched on November 6th for ¥59,800, or about $760. That's considerably less than Asus' Zenbook which we just reviewed, but you miss out on the SSD, aluminum body, and super-thin body. The choice is yours, or at least it looks like it will be next week.

Update: Looks like this is no rumor — the U24E will be launching soon, according to a Japanese press release. There's still no word on a US or European release, but we're checking with Asus right now, and will update this post with any details we hear.

Image credit: frychiko (Notebook Review forums)