List your own hacks/DIYs



[Initially, this was about your best hack, but due to word count had to expand]

Best hack: Not quite sure myself, would range from (not so difficult) things like setting up a wireless NAS with UPnP to fully working Hackintosh to general PC upgrades/overclocking, but I've never done something truly impressive, would love some inspiration. 


Ugh word count, so I'll list my small hacky achievements.


  • Hackintosh
  • Wireless NAS with uPnP/Media Stream
  • Apple TV with XBMC (hooked up to the above, works brilliantly)
  • O/C'd PC to increase performance about 25%
  • Jailbroken iPhone
  • iPod Clickwheel with Rockbox
  • Modded iPhone 4 with custom parts