GoPro has a competitor in the action camera world with the introduction of Delkin's WingmanHD, trumpeted as the lightest-weight camera in its class. Just 3oz heavy, the camera comes with a variety of specialized mounts and a standard tripod socket, allowing it to strap into just about any setting without weighing you down. It captures 8-megapixel images and 1080p video, but the real draw is the wide angle lens with a 150 degree field of view, marginally narrower than the more recent GoPros, but reportedly with less distortion. For the more aquatically inclined it also ships with a waterproof case, proofed down to 30 meters.

This camera obviously isn't designed for hardcore photographers — there's no optical zoom, the controls are minimal, and almost all the settings are automatic. But with  features like interval timing and triple burst modes, it's designed to do its thing while you focus on surviving your near-suicidal ride down the mountain. Unfortunately, it's already out of stock through Delkin directly, but you can pick it up elsewhere for its street price of $249.99