My first android phone

Hey ppl,

I have finally decided to ditch my windows phone and move to android but before i get to my list of questions, a lil background story for u guys. Last year I got an Iphone 4 which was awesome (best camera ever), but the UI was kind of boring so I returned it and moved to t-mobile with my HD7 (worst camera ever). I'd like to count this as my first real smartphone and the experience has been amazing.

However this year with disappointing hardware launches on the windows side, I have decided to finally give android a shot. Honestly I keep hearing a lot of crap about android (lag,fragmentation blah blah) and I have unfortunately had a bad experience with the g tab 10.1!!!  I ran to best buy and bought it on launch day and had to  return it 14 days later,because it kept crashing and splashtop remote desktop was not supported(deal breaker !!) however a few days ago I ran into a friend of mine, who unlike me, decided to keep the g tab. I told him he made a mistake and snatched it from his hand to show him how bad it was but to my surprise it was silk smooth, amazing , mind blowing. A couple of updates had turned it into one of the best tablets on the market. I decided Android deserves another shot and with a zillion devices out their ranging from super  awesome to super pathetic, I need help Identifying the best android phone for me.

The list of requirements

1.) Amoled screen any kind !!! ( 4 + inches)

2.) Link my facebook account and windows live accounts to contacts

3.)Great camera

4.) No icecream sandwich !!(dont want to wait for updates to get a smooth experience)

5.)Great Hardware (No price restriction or carrier restriction)

Should be available by 15th novemeber !!!


Let the suggestions pour in !!! (Thanks in advance :) )