The Verge: Good Content / Bad Presentation

I think the content of The Verge is good, but the home page and the website in general is a mess.  There are way too many distracting controls and "web chrome" throughout the site.   If not for Safari Reader I could not enjoy the articles.  I think This is My Next was far superior in layout.  I must say I am disappointed.

Do I really need all-caps italicized large-sized heading that reads "POST A NEW COMMENT".  And the keyboard shortcuts should be hidden by default.

Finally, I get why I have a banner ad at the top (you gotta make money) followed by a navigation bar.  But why do I have triple-height banner below on this screen that simply reads "FORUMS > META" on the left with  a "Sell All Forums" button the right with nothing but space in between.

This website is a mess of web design -- should be far more minimalist.