HTC's supersized, Beats audio-toting Sensation XL has landed across the pond. As we noted in our hands-on preview, this 4.7-inch phone is like an Android cousin to the similarly huge Titan with Windows Phone. You get the same huge screen (and relatively low resolution) and 1.5GHz, though it bests the Titan with more RAM and, of course, Beats.

Major UK carriers including O2, Vodafone, and Orange are offering the phone for free with a two-year contract. (Our in-depth review is coming soon, if you're undecided.) For those in the US who want that Beats Audio experience on a mobile phone, you shouldn't have to wait long. We'll be at the HTC event tomorrow where the Rezound is expected to be introduced.

Compare these phones: Sensation XL vs. TItan vs. Rezound