The extremely expensive Libratone Live and Libratone Lounge speakers were first announced back in July and initially pegged for September release. Now, two months late, the high-end AirPlay-supported speakers are finally available in the USA and can be picked up online through the Apple Store. The smaller Libratone Live goes for $699.95 and the Libratone Lounge for $1,299.95. Both are meant to have a cashmere version for an extra $100, but that doesn't seem to be available on the Apple Store — our deepest sympathies to those of you who desperately wanted the extra softness. Our reviews of both the Live and the Lounge, the speakers have wonderful sound and gorgeous design — but is that enough to make up for the extreme price?

The wireless speakers can also be controlled wirelessly with a free iOS application which lets you set the parameters of your room and adjusts the speaker output accordingly. Check out the video trailer after the break.