Virtual Reality - This is the next generation?

I know I am not the only person to have seen the Sony 3D Visor and hope this was developed because the PS4 will have virtual reality.


Link in a VR headset with PS Move and that must surely lead to some pretty compelling gameplay for an action game. I am a big fan of motor racing games, the perfect VR application perhaps? I get frustrated at not being able to look around a race cars cockpit easily to see competing cars (head tracking not great on any system right now). 

Could VR be the next big thing for the PS4 generation console - or would it be a pointless gimmick to you? Personally I think this will be the next big thing - immersing oneself in Uncharted 4 in full virtual reality, blasting around a race track in Gran Tourismo 6 with simulated surround sound an' all.