Sense 3.0 skins?

I don't really know if the forums are for this sort of stuff (I don't know if anyone does yet), but I have a question for all of you fellow Android lovers.

I own an HTC EVO 3D, and am starting to get really tired of HTC claiming that Sense makes the UI far more customizable by allowing you to change the skin and everything, and then only offering like 6 skins (4 of which are exactly the same aside from slightly different status bar and dock colours).

I have recently discovered, however, that it is extremely easy to download and install 3rd party skins for Sense 3.0, and have found a few good, free ones. However, there aren't a ton of these in the market either, so I'm more or less back where I started.

So I have two questions. The first, does anyone know of a good place to go to get good Sense 3.0 skins (I don't have a credit card associated with my Google account yet, so they would have to be free if they're on the market)? Second, I saw something on the xda dev forums about finding the images that the skin uses and changing those individually to make your own skin. I have no idea how to do this, and based on the fact that I downloaded all the skins I found as .apk's, I assume you would have to unpack one of those to find the images, and then recompile it after making changes. As I don't know how to do either of those things (or even if that is what you would have to do), I was hoping someone could either explain it to me, assuming it's not too complicated, or point me to some sort of tools I could use to make my own skin.

Any help on either of those questions would be much appreciated. For anyone who is interested, here are links to some of the skins that I found: (check out the other ones from this developer, they're all pretty good, but this is my favourite, and the one I am using now) (this one is apparently really popular, though I'm not a huge fan of any of the skins with the curved dock)