A project called "The Sound of Football" is using a combination of camera tracking, iPhones, and most importantly sound to turn football (or soccer, as we Americans call it) into an auditory experience. The setup begins with a set of cameras pointing at the field hooked up to a computer that can to track the ball and all the players in three dimensional space. That information is then processed and relayed in real time to the players on the field, each of whom has an iPhone strapped to his or her head. The iPhone uses surround sound to relay the position of the players, the ball, and the goal via different audio signals and also uses the built-in compass to help with relative positioning for the sounds.

It's an inspiring project from Society 46 whose luster is only slightly dimmed by the fact that it's sponsored by and intended to promote Pepsi. The company put together a match between visually-impaired players and professionals and it looks like the technology is coming along well. Check out a video explaining the technology below and hit the source link for more videos.