Do you want to buy the 16gb HSPA+ Galaxy Nexus?!?! **UPDATE 12/29/11**

I ordered mine from Handtec for $700 with 2 to 4 day shipping to the U.S. In my search for this elusive beast I have found 3 websites that will be selling the same model. For people in the U.S. it does fully work with AT&T's and T-mobile's 3G+ bands, plus both carriers will let you tether for FREE.

So here you go people:

Negri Electronics

$869 Update $769 Update $644 with the "GIFT" coupon code

Expansys USA

$749 Update $699.99 with "20OFFLS" coupon code



UPDATE #1 UPDATE UPDATE 11/21/2011 2:55p.m.

Handtec's blog just posted this: "Good news! Stock is arriving into our warehouse later tonight. With the sheer amount of backorders we hope to clear all orders by Wednesday 23rd. November. We have a large amount of stock arriving and any new orders should be shipped on the 23rd and 24th of November. Tracking will be sent via email upon dispatch."


**UPDATE #2 11/22/2011 10:15a.m.**

Handtec just posted on their blog that they are putting all shipments on hold because of the Volume Bug that happens when you are on 2G until Google sends out an update to fix it (bug is only confirmed for AT&T's 2G). However if you email them at with your order number and tell them to send it anyways then they will respond quickly within their working hours (10a.m. to 5:30p.m. London UK time Mon-Fri) They replied back to me within 10 minutes and my order should be sent out today or tomorrow. :-)

***UPDATE #3 11/23/2011 10:00a.m.***

Handtec posted on their blog that Samsung has now stopped the shipments and that they won't be getting them until the 25th. Samsung wants to find out how they are going to fix the 2G bug. As of last night Google did say that it would be fixed with a update and not to worry. This bug doesn't even affect U.S. customers on 2G but as Adoom94 and StevenPJobs pointed out in my other post RC Cars and Cordless phones will make the bug appear. Also I contacted Handtec and told them what Google had said and they told me that Samsung has heard back from Google and has decided to send out shipments again so even if you had already gotten an email saying your phone had been shipped it hasn't.

All phones will be shipped out starting on the 25th. Better late then never.

****UPDATE #4 11/25/2011 10:00p.m.****

Well it looks like Samsung has delayed the shipment anyways because of the 2G bug. Since this is very inconvenient Handtec will upgrade ALL orders to express delivery. Also as of yesterday Samsung said that they are flashing the phones with a new update that will fix the bug and that deliveries will start on Monday.

So that means that Handtec may get their order as soon as Monday but that doesn't mean that they will ship any out that day.

Sorry I would have updated yesterday but it was Thanksgiving. :-)

*UPDATE #5* 12/29/2011 9:30a.m.

Updated the current pricing on top!