Adobe may have discontinued development of its Flash Player for mobile devices and hinted at backing away from Flash on the desktop, but an anonymous group calling itself Occupy Flash wants action now. Focused primarily on desktop Flash, the group is asking the world to boldly uninstall the multimedia player from desktops and laptops. It argues that as long as Flash — a proprietary "fossil," in its words — is ubiquitous on computers it will continue to see development, despite the availability of open standards like HTML5. It holds up the years-long dominance of Internet Explorer 6 as an object lesson, and acknowledges that while users may have to go without certain websites or Flash games in the short term, "the more of us who run browsers that don't support Flash, the quicker that pain will subside." It's estimated that Flash Player is currently installed on 95 percent of desktop browsers, but with Adobe now aiming its development tools towards HTML5 and Air apps, it may not be too long before Flash becomes the one percent instead. Check out the source below to see if you're ready for your browser to join the movement.

Thanks, bluECHO!