We first learned about the Galaxy Tab 10.1N last week as Samsung's workaround to sell a 10.1-inch Android device in Germany during some legal disputes in the country with Apple. Newgadgets.de picked up one of the new slates and put together a quick unboxing / hands-on video to run through what is both new and old about the revision. What's new, as we've previously reported, is the silver frame that wraps around the front of the device - the stereo speakers that previously sat on the sides of the device that face (mostly) forward on this bevel. What's old is basically everything else - same dual-core 1GHz processor, same WXGA screen, same 7,000 mAh battery. Even the port, camera placement, and white backing is identical to the Tab 10.1 we have at our office. Still, we don't think the new look is particularly bad at all, and if it helps end this litigation, hey, we're all for it. Check out the video hands-on below!