Early Android phones

I was just flipping through my photos and I found this. Remember these guys? especially the one on the right. that's the beginning of Android devices. I still remember a friend of mine coming to me on a sunny afternoon in late 2009, so excited with his newly purchased HTC Dream, and telling me how good the experience was, and encouraged me to get an android phone.  So I started playing with his phone, and I said to myself, huh, this looks like a good alternative to iPhone, because iPhone was darn expensive for me at that time. Then I got the HTC Magic ( pretty much identical to the T-mobile myTouch 3G) a couple of days later. I absolutely loved it, and that was the time when HTC didn't make any "sense" (lol...), so you could get the whole stock Android experience.Good times!


via a4.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net