After releasing a Kinect SDK for enthusiasts and academic institutions this summer, Microsoft further committed to the platform by announcing a commercial SDK that's set to be released early next year. And now it's going even further as that release date approaches: it's just announced the Kinect Accelerator program for developers and startups, which will support businesses planning to take advantage of Kinect and Natural User Interface technologies. In partnership with TechStars, ten companies will be chosen for a three-month program (which requires a relocation to Seattle) and will receive a $20,000 investment, an Xbox development kit, office space, and, of course, full resources and support from Microsoft. On the final day, each company will have the opportunity to give a presentation to angel investors, venture capitalists, and industry heavyweights. Microsoft is without a doubt putting its weight behind a successful release of the commercial SDK, and we're guessing it's only a matter of time before one of these startups tops the GLaDOS personal assistant. For more details about applying for Kinect Accelerator, hit the source link below.