A $199 BlackBerry PlayBook can indeed be yours this holiday season. Research in Motion made it official today via Twitter, although it didn't provide any more details beyond "select US and Canadian retailers." If last week's leaked ad flyers are to be believed — and in light of this announcement, that seems to be a good gamble — that list will include Staples, Best Buy, and Future Shop, at least. As to the permanence of this deal, RIM's tweet today explicitly calls it a "limited time" promotion, but honestly, we very much doubt RIM would really hike the price back up $300 after this season. At just under $200, the PlayBook isn't quite the impulse buy of the HP TouchPad, but pranksters with some money to burn can probably get away with wrapping this up unboxed and "gifting" it as a Kindle Fire. We bet a reaction like that would be priceless.

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