Samsung Focus S/Mango Issues...

So I finally made the upgrade from a Focus to Focus S yesterday. So far, there are a lot of things to like...but there are a few snags as well. The serious problem is that the bigger problem is not hardware related.

Apparently, on the Focus S, you can only have 9 apps running in the background as opposed to 15 on the previous generation Focus. There maybe something that I'm doing wrong. Hence this post. So if any of you have experienced the same issue or have a solution, please let me know.

Some people might argue that one doesn't need more than 9 apps running in the background and that might be true for most. But not me. And especially when the old focus does 15. The other problem with Mango is that if you're trying to have a 16th(Focus) or a 10th(Focus S) app start in the background, it makes you jump to settings to switch someone else off. I'd say that's asking too much for the user to do. When an OS is being advertised as "simple to use", this shouldn't be the case. It should do something intelligent like, stop the app that's the least used. 

Anyhow, my main problem is the 9 app limit for background tasks. That just won't do it for me, now that I have 15 on the old phone. Any help or suggestions from you guys is appreciated.