Tumblr: A pointless service, or the perfect mix of twitter and blogging?

Hey fellow vergers, vergins, verge something.... Anyways I wanted to talk to you guys(and girls) about tumblr.

I have started noticing that pretty much everybody(read a fair few people) is on tumblr. Personally I've never really used the service very much. Ive had an account for a while, but I'm not currently following anyone. In the last few days I've started using it as my main blog and am starting to like the service. The only thing is that I dont really see the difference between this and using another blogging service such as blogspot. Perhaps it has to do with the fact that I currently am not following anyone on tumblr. The only main difference between a traditional blog and a tumblr that I notice is that people tend to post shorter posts on tumblr that may not have made it up on a traditional blog.

My question to you guys(and girls) is how do you use tumblr and what makes it better than other services to you?

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