Which 7 " Tablet is the best value?

For some reason I got the itch to get a tablet and I am feeling the 7" form factor is best for me. The question is do it get:


1. Kindle Fire (I have Prime and a Kindle 3G that I LOVE) for $199

2. HTC Flyer for $299 - Not a huge Sense fan, but it's supposed to be a good iteration

3. Galaxy Tab 7 Plus for $399 or 7.7 at $??? great specs and honeycomb 3.2 ..maybe ice cream sandwich in the future?


I don't really need it for much productivity as I have a 13" MBP. I mostly want a device to surf, social network, read articles, and consume media. I am hearing mixed things about the fire.. and I really dont like the lack of google services.  Joanna's review of the Flyer makes it sound really good at the reduced price. The Galaxy tab has new honeycomb and it super slick but seems like a hefty price for a 7" wi-fi only tablet. Any suggestions?


PS.. Why are the display kindle Fires demo only???? you can't test out the browser, movies, email, or any of the important stuff.. It makes me more angry than if they didn't sell it in stores at all.




Steve T.