Call of Duty Elite didn't experience the smoothest launch ever, but that hasn't really slowed momentum for the biggest shooter franchise in town — Activision says that a million paid subscriptions were purchased in the six days following Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3's release. Since the November 8th launch, more than four million people have registered Elite accounts, with 80,000 clans, 100,000 user-generated videos, and more than three million daily logins. For those who don't know, COD Elite is a robust stat-tracking service that introduces things like player profiles, public groups, private clans, and video sharing — premium accounts add a few perks, including more video upload capacity, access to episodic COD-themed shows, and a year's worth of DLC. 

The rapid growth shows a pretty good start for a service that some gamers unsurprisingly argued should be free (by comparison, Battlefield 3's Battlelog service is free, and offers much of the same functionality as COD Elite). If the pace continues, COD Elite might actually become one of the larger, more active social networks out there.