From the day it was announced, I’ve been excited about the Canon PowerShot S100. Its predecessor, the S95, is still one of the best pocket-sized cameras on the market even a year after its release, and the S100 improves on many of its features — it’s got a wider lens, a faster processor, a new sensor, and GPS functionality — while keeping the S95’s litany of manual controls, great look and feel, and its promise of fantastic images even in poor lighting.

The small tweaks should add up to a noticeably better camera experience, but do they? At $429.99, the S100 is nearly in Micro Four Thirds or entry-level DSLR range, and we expect the S95’s price to drop significantly as the S100 hits shelves. Is the S100 worth its premium price tag? I’ve been testing it by itself and alongside its competition — read on for our findings in the full review.