Epic Battery FAIL

I like my phone.  In fact, the Samsung Epic 4G is the best cellphone that I have ever owned, hands-down.  Sometimes I feel like I have a genie in my pocket that will grant me unlimited wishes.  The first time I rolled it around in my hands I thought that this is the perfect culmination of sci-fi dreaming and technological innovation.  It was like someone had reached into “Back to the Future II,” yanked the hover board out from under Marty, and handed it to me AND the year was 1989.  A year after purchasing the Samsung Epic 4G, I am still as giddy as a 10 year old when I discover a cool app.  I could spend hours playing games and surfing the web.  Hours could fly by as I listen to music or watch movies.  I could do a lot of fun stuff, but unfortunately fun is limited to only about four hours on battery.  What a bummer.

Battery life is an issue that continues to plague android devices.  Hardware developers are locked into a spec race that has left behind a key element.  The battery life of a phone, in my opinion, is just as critical as the screen resolution and processor speed.  I never hear my iPhone friends complaining about battery life.  I know that Apple is Apple, but, still, android phones took off a year ago.  Samsung has already released a second generation Galaxy phone.  Let’s solve the battery issue.

I am tired of stuffing my pockets with a phone AND a charging cable.  If I forget the charging cable, I get anxious that I will not get through the day, and, typically, I do not.  It is so disheartening.  

If Marty lost power on his hover board, the world would have been turned on its head.  Biff’s would be running amok.  This is why battery life is so critical to the future of humanity.  Hardware developers, take it seriously.  In fact, I will go as far as to issue an ultimatum.  My contract is up for renewal in nine months.  If your device does not have equal or better battery life than the iPhone, I am switching to Apple.  I have to.  It is for the sake of humanity and my sanity.