Otherlab's new 15-foot inflatable robot looks like something we created in Spore a few years back, but instead of evolving into a space-faring civilization, the pneumatic Ant-Roach will spend its time on Earth at the bidding of clever humans. The creators devised the robot with the goal of demonstrating the carrying capacity and strength of inflatable structures, and it looks like they've succeeded — the Ant-Roach weighs less than 70 pounds (not including the external air compressor) and Hizook speculates that it could probably support up to 1,000 pounds. The robot's "muscles" are fabric actuators which create motion by contracting into specific shapes, and the whole system is directed via wireless laptop.

The Ant-Roach might not appeal to our vanity — it can't read our facial expressions or pour us a drink — but it's a really impressive engineering feat nonetheless. Be sure to check out the robot in action below.