Aquabotix is bringing out our inner Jacques Cousteau with the HydroView, a ten-pound $2,995 submarine you steer by tilting an iOS or Android device in the direction you want to go, while your screen displays 1080p video from the nose-mounted camera. Commands and video are relayed over Wi-Fi through a dockside box, which connects to the diving bot by a 50-foot cable — an optional extended cord allows diving to the maximum 75 feet. It also works with a laptop, but we'd bet the most immersive experience will be on a tablet or phone.

Sadly, your adventures will inevitably be cut short by the two-hour battery limit, although there will be an optional extended power pack. You can also go for the pro model that has a three-hour battery, 150-foot max diving depth, and a cable to match it, but it isn't yet available or priced on the website. We'll update with any additional information we receive — and we're hoping for video soon.