Steam Autumn Sale

Has anyone been watching the Steam Autumn Sale? Started Yesterday and runs till the 27th. If so, what games have you purchased so far? Are you hoping to see some games go on offer?

23rd November Homepage Deals:

Portal 2 -66% £6.79 
Duke Nukem Forever -66% £5.09 
Call of Duty: Black Ops -50% £19.99 
Orcs Muse Die! -75% £2.99 
Renegade Ops -50% £4.99
Sam and Max Complete Pack -75% £8.74 
Test Drive Unlimited 2 -75% £3.74 
Dejobaan Complete Pack -50% £7.49 
The Oddboxx -75% £3.24 
Risen -50% £7.49 
Men of War : Vietnam -75% £6.24 
Mass Effect 2 -75% £4.99

24th November Homepage Deals:


I was tempted by Mass Effect, as both 1 and 2 were on offer! And today Fallout is cheap as chips, thats a lot of gameplay for a small price!


p.s. Sorry about Multi-Currency, I'm in Italy at the moment so euro's are popping up on me!


Edit: Saw a tip over at HotUKDeals (Thread by ryderage, tip by BurntEffigy), can see a list of ALL Sale items at:

hasnt updated for the 24th yet but Im sure it wont be long