App Review - The Eatery : A Massive Health Experiment

"Stop counting calouries. Start eating healthier."




One of my favourite apps at the moment is actually one that I was very skeptical about when I first heard about it. The app of course that I am referring to is The Eatery. This little app claims to help you achieve a healthier diet, without the pain staking and time consuming task of inputting how many calories you just ate.

The idea behind this app is quite simple. You simply take a picture of your food before you eat it, and other users of the app rate it on a scale of fit to fat. The only information that you have to enter is a name for your food, and a location if you so choose. After inputing your food, you are taken to the fit or fat tab to rate others eating habits. Using this simple scale, the eatery averages out a rating for your meal on a scale of one to one hundred. It then uses the ratings of your meals to create a total health score presented to you in the "me" tab.



The "me" tab is where the eatery displays all your information. It is here where you can not only see how others rated your food, but also how well you have been eating for the past week. You are presented with a simple meter showing you how healthy you are on a scale of one to one hundred according to other users of this app. You are also able to check on how well you are eating on certain days, and where your best and worst meal was eaten. 


The app also includes a social feed showing all of the meals that you and your friends have inputed into the app in a fashion akin to a twitter timeline. For me, this is where the app really shines. For example, the other day I was about to eat a pop tart, but the very thought of all my friends seeing it on my timeline drove me to eat a salad instead. It almost feels like a game at times where I want to have a higher health rating than all of my friends.

Though this app is helping me with my health, there are a couple of little hiccups that are holding it back from being a great app. For one, the app is quite buggy and often freezes on me when performing even a simple task such as rating a meal. The other main drawback of this app is the inability to see a friends overall health rating. You are able to take a look at each individual item, but not their total health rating. These small hindrances are not a total dealbreaker for me and I would still recomend this app for anyone that is interested in living a healthy lifestyle.