Scoring system is insane




There is no point in breaking a product into various categories, rating them, and then ignoring your rating system and augmenting it so the score 'reflects' your views. Basically, what you are doing is rating a product thoroughly, seeing the final score and changing it. It doesn't make sense, not in the slightest. Everything is going to be skewed. If you review and score a product and then you feel that the score doesn't reflect it, maybe you're reviewing it wrong.


Take the Kobo Vox.

I don't care how good or bad it is. The review score is a paltry 3.9. There is only 1 section which scores below this figure, which is performance, at 3. The average for the product is actually 4.7. Something needs fixing here, maybe if you feel like performance is more important than others, either give it weighting or split it in 2, because it's hard to compare the review score to the actual score given.



Maybe I'm way off, am I?