New Laptop - not bought one in a while

I'm in search of a new laptop as my current one is at death's door.  The fan is loud and persistent and attempts to clean have led to laptop breaking.  It weighs a lot for poor battery life (1:10 at best) and has an old processor and IGP.  Needless to say it is now very broken and outdated.  A shame, as I;d just given it some new DDR2 RAM and new HDD.  "Time for an upgrade" I said, on my modest student budget (which is looking at me like my mother at the moment).

Now, I know CES is coming up and there are likely to be new laptops and good deals on existing laptops.  Looking around I was tempted wait (forever of course), but the weekend deals have been getting at me.  I've been looking at tablet PCs for notetaking, but the only affordable one that still has some power is the HP tm2,  which is starting to look outdated and has some questionable build quality.  The Fujitsu T901 I lust for is not available (in the form I want) and far too expensive.  I then came across a Lenovo Thinkpad Edge series:

Lenovo Thinkpad E320

Without Mobile Broadband - £493.88

With Mobile Broadband - £619.88

Intel Core i5-2430M Processor (2.40GHz, 3MB L3, 1333MHz)1
Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium 6412
 13.3" W HD (1366 x 768)LED, VibrantView, Low-light sensitive HD Webcam, Midnight Black 
AMD Mobility Radeon HD6630 1GB Switchable Graphics
 2 (or 4) GB DDR3 - 1333MHz (1 DIMM)
E320 UltraNav without Fingerprint Reader
 320 GB Hard Disk Drive, 5400rpm 
6 cell Li-Ion Battery 62.4 Whr60
Bluetooth 3.0
ThinkPad a/b/g/n

I can't find anything that matches this, especially with Thinkpad quality (I know the Edge series has been described as less well built) at that price.  I could go for a more powerful 14" or 15", but the battery life halves.

With the CYBERWEEKEND15 discount I am now seriously considering getting one.  Without broadband is very tempting at under £500, but I can tell I'll be pining for the mobile broadband if I don't get it.  At over £100 more (which is a lot even considering the extra 2GB RAM), I'm not sure about it.  I do have a SIM with 'unlimited' data at the moment though.

I should note that I would like to play some games on this.  Not much more than Minecraft, Trine (2) and AOE III, but the more games the better.  Uni work of course, so portability is a factor.  I'm willing to stretch to £800 at most (though ideally no more than £700).

So, sorry about the long disorganised post.  So should I:

  • Buy the non WWAN?
  • Buy the WWAN?
  • Something else?
  • Wait for after Christmas or CES?

Thanks in advance.