verge, i love your design. but oh god the ads

the verge is easily one of the best designed sites i visit, and most of the banners are quite tasteful.  however, the big banner at the top of the homepage is horrid.  not only is it ugly and annoying, but then it resizes.  and if i happen to have scrolled down the page before it decides to shrink, whatever i'm looking at moves and suddenly my eyes are staring at a spot on the screen and i'm reading something else.  if you have to keep the big ugly ad there (gotta pay the bills, i know), can it either stay fixed size, or else shrink to reveal something else instead of shrinking to alter the page layout?

and then just now i was getting some position:fixed banners sticking to the bottom edge of my screen, that's not cool.

apologies if this is the has been discussed before, i couldn't find a forum search.