Hacking Your Apple TV - A Whole New Beast!

Vergens! (you heard it here first!)

Thought I'd share my experience with hacking the Apple TV.  Now, I'm by no means experienced in the hacking universe, but I did come across something rather special recently (and yes, it's perfectly legal to do so).

It's called aTV Flash, which is used in conjunction with Seas0nPass - both products from a company called FireCore.  Seas0nPass is free to download, but aTV Flash will cost you $29.95 (as it's just come out of beta).  Together, they truly transform your Apple TV into a true all-in-one media center solution!  In fact, it's so well integrated into the Apple TV's software that you'd swear it was native!

Now, I know what you're thinking - "Pfft! Sif pay $29.95 on top of the $99 I've already shelled out for my shiny Apple TV!"  

Well, trust me, it's worth EVERY CENT and setting it up couldn't be any easier.  


1. Download Seas0nPass and install.

2. Connect the Apple TV to your computer via micro USB.

3. Let Seas0nPass work its magic!

4. Download aTV Flash and install.

5. Turn on the folders you'd like to share 


... and voila!



Now you'll be able to play basically any video format, browse the web and even install plugins for weather, last.fm and xbmc (if you dare - hideous UI if you ask me!).  Don't worry, you can still use the iTunes store to download content as per usual.

I'd also like to hear from other Vergens on here that have tinkered with their Apple TV!