iPod touch users: How many of you use it as your primary iOS device/daily driver

How many of you use an iPod touch as your primary iOS device? I have found that i can stay connected all day through Wi-Fi hotspots alone (mostly Starbucks and libraries.) I'm using the 4th-gen 32 GB model and found the camera (even though 0.7 MP) rather capable. I have been able to take great photos. Example below:


via dl.dropbox.com

Spec-wise it's similar in specs to the first-gen iPad sans processor clock speed. It has 256 of RAM which is sufficient to run most graphic intense apps. I have noticed a few apps that are sluggish, but those are games and regular apps are fine. Display-wise it has similar pixel-density to the iPhone 4/4S except it's a non-iPS display. The difference in viewing angles is noticeable, but not a huge problem. The battery can last me a full day listening to music/podcasts, writing, surfing the web (Twitter, RSS feeds), taking and editing photos (Instagram), etc. As for communication, I'm more of an email guy and for chatting I use the surprisingly great Facebook Messenger app. 

For me, my iPod touch is as good as an iPhone without the contract or price.