Ice Cream Sandwich Multitasking

The one thing thats always bothered me about Android is the lack of task management built into the OS. with ICS comes new promise. But there are some things I would like to know about the new multitasking list.


Does the multitasking list on ICS actually show running applications or just "recent applications"? If you were to close an app using a 3rd party task killer would it dissapear from the list?

Does swiping away an app from the mutlitasking list actually close the app? As in if you run a 3rd party task management app is the app you swiped away no longer running?

Do the thumbnails ever update or do they always show a snapshot of when you last used it?

These questions need answering and I cannot seem to find a reliable source anywhere online. I occasionally find an answer online and then someone else disputes it and I cannot find anyone who actually seems to know.

Galaxy Nexus owners, we need you!