Adblock - This is piracy of free products

The World Wide Web, it's brilliant isn't it? One of the finest British inventions, it celebrated its 20th Birthday in August this year. Tim Berners-Lee first proposed the concept of the web at CERN - it turns out that in order to design the black hole doomsday device LHC and deal with this particle accelerator information is a pretty big task. The web was created for this reason - to make it easier to share massive amounts of data.


This isn't a history lesson, so I don't need to tell you about the explosion of the web but it's safe to say the web remains a fantastic place to share. A vast majority of this content remains totally free of charge. Some of this is with great thanks to generous people - Wikipedia is a tremendous example where goodness knows how many man-hours have been spent making an encyclopaedia of everything. It is a wonderful example of a humble endeavour for the benefit of all humankind. 

However, a majority of the content on the web is brought to us free of charge through websites that rely on advertising.


I have had the privilege of having a varied career already (I'm 24). For a while I worked for a website covering news and events of a niche hobby, radio-controlled car racing. Our sole income came through advertising and it allowed us to travel the world covering races and bringing the latest and best news, reviews and videos to our readers. Another of my jobs was web design, this RC website being one of my clients. I was paid for this work simply because my clients made money through advertising. 

I once had an email from a reader complaining the layout of the website didn't look great when he was using his advert blocker. I didn't know to respond. It's now something I see so regularly that it really frustrates me. Do any of you ad-block users have any idea of the costs involved in running a successful website? The Verge for example cover events all around the world: the flights and accommodation aren't free, the writers salaries aren't insignificant, the hosting and development costs are ongoing. Yet by blocking adverts you are stealing the content. 

People are giving you stuff for free, supported by adverts. Why steal a free product?