How would you change Nintendo?

I love Nintendo.
Their consoles, their games, and their characters have been a part of my life as long as I can remember.  Every time a new Mario or Zelda title hits the market, I have to have it, and the magic is consistently there.  Simply put, Nintendo still makes the best games.
That said, I can't help but be concerned with what the next few years hold for them.  They seem to be content to stay a generation behind in console hardware, and I believe they are suffering from a stunning lack of vision in the mobile space.
If I had a chance to take the reins for a bit, this is what I would do:
Scrap the Wii U
Everybody's talking about the next Xbox and Playstation--neither of which have been announced in any way--but nobody's talking about the Wii U which made it's first public appearance months ago.
Why?  It's boring.  
The Wii U will be underpowered relative to the competition, and the novelty of the controller will wear off in no time.  
The only reason Nintendo can even stay in the hardware game at this point is their first party titles.  That's the only reason anybody will buy the Wii U, so why wouldn't Nintendo choose to dominate instead of merely keep a seat at the table?
Any decent hardware can accommodate unconventional, innovative, or just gimmicky controller schemes.  We've already seen that in Playstation Move and Xbox Kinect.
Powerful hardware, great exclusives, and superior online services are the winning combination.
Why not build something wonderful that will satisfy hardcore and casual gamers alike?
Stop Making Mobile Systems and Make Great Mobile Games
Let's face it.  The mobile game has changed.  If you're reading this, you're most likely already a part of it.
Modern smartphones and tablets, and devices like the iPod Touch effectively eliminate the need for dedicated handheld gaming systems.
There may be one last generation left for hardcore gamers, but I think the Playstation Vita will fill that need.
Nintendo has never served that segment, and the casual gamer has moved on.  Why beat a dead horse?
Nintendo could stop making mobile systems today, port old titles to the most popular mobile ecosystems of today, and sell their software for five times as much as the competition.  
Nintendo is passing on tens of millions in software sales to protect a hardware platform that has already lost.
How would you change Nintendo?