OK I'm convinced, WP7 is awesome.

Yesterday I got a Focus Flash from At&t for free. Previously I had a dumbphone for a phone, an iPod for music, and an iPad 1 for mobile browsing. I looked at Android, iPhone, WebOS,  or WP7 for my next phone (Blackberry isn't even in consideration). I'll admit, I was skeptical of WP7 for the past year because of the lack of features. I was even more skeptical of Android because of updates, lag, and UI inconsistency. For the last year, I wanted either a Nexus S, an iPhone 4, or a Palm Pre. Well, WebOS is dead for all intents and purposes, I don't really like the 3GS and the 4 and 4S are extra money, and an unlocked Nexus S or Galaxy Nexus are expensive. At&t had the Focus Flash for free yesterday, so bam! I got one.

Its UI is really nice. Very fluid and responsive. In my short musings with Android, I've seen unfortunate instances of lag (pinch to zoom and scrolling being the big ones) (this was even present on the Galaxy SII, in my experience). I had heard that the Ice Cream Sandwich fixed this (being in the US I haven't seen the Galaxy Nexus yet). But I couldn't wait 6 months or so for the Galaxy S II to get ICS (or whenever it gets updates, who really knows) if I bought the Galaxy S II. So unless Android gets updated faster, I don't think I could adopt Android (but I will admit ICS looks like it may have fixed my preconceptions about it).

Compared with the iPhone, it definitely is different. The live tiles are neat. Right now they don't look very useful to me, they just display stuff, but compared with the iPhone, it's an improvement over tiles that do nothing (except show a number occasionally). Otherwise I can't really compare the two actually, though I think the fact that there's some hardware choice on WP does make a big difference. If I wanted to carry around another battery, I could. And that the body isn't made of glass is a plus, I was really nervous about getting a 4 or 4S because of the glass. 

So basically, WP7 looks like the happy middleground between no choice (well iPhone has 3 choices, the 3GS, the 4, and the 4S, but to me the only choice is between a slower phone (the 3GS) and one that smashes easily (the 4 and 4S)), and having many choices but little cohesion in the platform (Android).

Now, my question to everyone is, what can Microsoft do to get this OS into more hands? In my opinion, they should get it on more carriers across the world, get working on dual core and LTE (well undoubtedly they are), and finally, get the word out! I think that huge Windows Phone was a good start, but it was up for so little time. Do promotions, giveaways, and get the carriers to push them. From what I see, it's really the carriers are so being reluctant.

Also, slight problems: Does the browser have a forward button? I haven't found one, and I'm a little annoyed by this. Also, my school wireless network won't let me connect on WP7. On iOS, you type in the SSID (apparently it acts as a hidden network), and then you select WPA2 Enterprise for security, then type in your username and password. Windows Phone is not letting me do this, I can type in the SSID but I can't change the network security. Any help on this? My phone is basically a paperweight because I don't have a lot of cellular data allotted and I don't want to waste it when I have a perfectly good wireless network available.