Check out the desk of your average graphics designer and you'll most likely find a Wacom tablet plugged into their computer, likely the Bamboo or — if they have the budget — a Cintiq. These tablets are great for precision editing, but you've got to be at a computer to use them. But Wacom's new Inkling is all about portability — you draw on paper first and edit on the PC later. By utilizing a digital pen and special receiver, users can digitally capture any and all scribbles on any piece of paper. It’s similar to IOGEAR’s Digital Scribe Pen, but has more of a focus on sketching and art and less of an emphasis on text recognition. I've been testing the Inkling for the last week, and while I may not be a professional designer, I do my fair share of note-taking and doodling. So, is this the solution that'll finally force you to digitize your notebooks and sketchbooks? Keep reading to find out.