Need opinions about tablets for a final

Hey all, I’m writing a final paper for my journalism course and could use the help of my fellow Verge users (editors also more than welcome to chime in!)

It’s a feature about tablet use so if you could answer these questions in order it’d be a great help. I’m posting this in both the Apple and Android forums to decrease bias.

1. If you’re a tablet owner, what was the functionality that drew you to it? If you’re not a tablet owner what functionality does it lack?

2. What’s one factor that’s surprised you about the recent surge in tablet interest?

3. Has owning a tablet led to a decrease in your use of your laptop or desktop, why or why not?

4. For those who have a tablet, smart phone, and computer, which do you use most and least?

5. Within the next year do you see yourself buying or upgrading your tablet?

6. What’s the biggest innovation you see occurring in the tablet space?