Best Buy has just announced, via an open letter posted to its UK website, the date on which its brick-and-mortar and web stores will cease operations in Britain: January 15th. It was decided earlier this month that the loss-making retail outlets had to go, but it's news to us that the Best Buy-branded website will also be taken out of service. Still, the silver lining to losing what little competition there was in the UK electronics sector is that all the stock inside those stores will have to be sold off within the next month and a half. That means Best Buy's now operating a clearance sale with discounts reaching all the way up to 50 percent on DVDs, CDs, and Blu-rays. Prices should get even sweeter as we approach the closing down deadline, though you'll have to strike the right balance between waiting for the retailer to get desperate and making sure it still has stock of the thing you want to snap up on the cheap.