LG's Italian Facebook page has revealed that three of the company's biggest Android phones of 2011 will receive the much-anticipated Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade. Those are the dual-core Optimus 2X, the 3D-equipped Optimus 3D, and the extra-slim Optimus Black. They are just the initial batch, according to LG, who is continuing the assessment of Android 4.0 for compatibility with its lower-end handsets. One thing that should be considered very encouraging here is the fact that the Optimus Black has an older-generation single-core processor, which bodes well for the minimum specs required by Ice Cream Sandwich. In other words, if it can run on that handset, it should be able to do so on anything launched since late 2010. Whether every phone manufacturer will go to the effort of upgrading its handsets, however, is another matter. LG promises to post another update on compatible devices in December.