Where we talk about Tablets' screen proportions

First of all, I'm a true Android enthusiast and owner of a G1 and a Nexus S.

I'm interested to buy an Android tablet for internet browsing, movies, e-mail, chat... what I do with my Acer netbook, and there is only one thing that bother me with high end devices we find on the market: Screen proportions.

My girlfriend has an Asus Transformer with Honeycomb. The device is great for task I listed above and she likes it very much.

When I use it, undocked, I find it hard to hold it vertically as my instinct told me to, to browse and input some text.

It comes from the 16/10 screen proportion.

The device is badly balanced and too long. My hand is tired after holding it 30 min (I know: That's what she said)


I was interested by an Archos 80 g9 for that reason, but the hardware didn't seem to follow.

The Ipad feels more comfy but I really don't like iOS


The screen size is also important: 7" should use 16/10 and 9"-10" should use 4/3 or 5/4


Does anybody have the same thought about those devices and their screen proportion?

Do you know a device that comes into a "shorter" screen proportion?